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Unit Views Clicks Created Changed Licence Owner Language Level Words Media Time Buttons Files       Title Text or Summary
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114814545212013-05-122014-03-26BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgA2 632vid 5:082no_wordlinkCuchulainn: Episoyd 1 - Gaase
1558734662013-12-212013-12-21BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgB1-145snd 1:452no_wordlinkUshag Veg Ruy - arrane
4501408182016-09-222016-09-22BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgB1 188vid 1:3521no_wordlinkJuan Crellin - Skeealyn elley mychione y Ghaaue
55623861172017-05-012017-05-01BY-SAGuthanNanEileanGaelgB2 1193vid 9:594no_wordlinkJurnaa Gaelagh
865715912020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 226no_wordlinkLLG - Brastyl Gaelg Ard 2020
8643301192020-06-112020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 830snd 4:1711no_wordlinkLLG-1-03 Yn Emshyr
8654119772020-06-252020-07-01BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 944snd 6:0411no_wordlinkLLG-1-05 Pleadeilys 1
866012332020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 455snd1no_wordlinkLLG-1-07 Leighderyn
86641322020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 1410snd 7:3011no_wordlinkLLG-2-01 Oie ayns baatey-eeastee
86661522020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 1383snd10:0411no_wordlinkLLG-2-02 Oie ec yn scaddan
86531522020-06-242020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 1283snd 6:4511no_wordlinkLLG-2-04 Skeealyn mysh yn eeastagh
86552142020-06-252020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 925snd11no_wordlinkLLG-2-07 Deiney kione-lajeragh ec yn eeastagh
865917222020-07-012020-07-01BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 260snd 1:3811no_wordlinkLLG-2-08 Slattyssyn ny eeasteyryn
8661892020-07-012020-07-01BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 414snd1no_wordlinkLLG-2-09 Toshiagh-jioarey as y Caashey
86622032020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 411snd1no_wordlinkLLG-2-10 Pollonagh, Ben y Pollonagh, Buggane
4499657872016-09-192016-09-22BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC1 2529snd24:464no_wordlinkPargys Caillit
866322612020-07-012020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC2 617snd 2:0311no_wordlinkLLG-1-01 Dys Robin Briw
86521612020-06-242020-07-03BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC2 785snd 4:0811no_wordlinkLLG-1-04 Keesh son kied dy varroo ushagyn
8658321342020-07-012020-07-02BY-SAcaoimhinsmoGaelgC2 706snd 4:1211no_wordlinkLLG-1-06 Pleadeilys 2

19 units found

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