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 INTRO (10')

1 “Hello! | Super Simple Songs ” song:

Watch the video 1 " Hello! | Super Simple Songs " and sing the song with the students.

2 Brainstorming/coloquium about feelings using an image (BRAINSTORMING IMAGE button).


3 Identify feelings looking at images and writing in the blackboard (FEELINGS IMAGES button).

- TRANSITION TIME to display tools and materials -

4 WORKSHEET: Drawing and colouring faces to express different feelings (WORKSHEET 1 button).

5 WORKSHEET: Writing feeling adjectives attending to facial expressions (WORKSHEET 2 button).

- TRANSITION TIME to tidy up and place the worksheets on the display board -



6 “The Goodbye Song for Kids” song:

Watch the video 2 " The Goodbye Song for Kids " and sing the song with the students.


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