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Unit 11. Housing, home and enviroment

1. Students should describe what there are in these pictures.




 (window, cupboard, door, oven, kitchen table, drawer, microwave, kitchen floor, fridge)



(Bedroom door, wall, plug, bedroom floor, tv, bed, hanger, bedside table, chest of drawers, small carpet, big carpet)  




(hairdryer, bathroom plug, bathroom towel, brush, stool, poddle,water, radiator, bath, toilet)


                                  LIVING ROOM


 (window, curtain, sofa, command, cupboard, coffe maker, radiator, carpet)





(garage, car, hole, entrance, plats, swimming pool, rake, barbacue, garden table, water jar)




 (teddy bear, bunk bed, cupboard, pencil, drawer, bedroom floor, plug, window, cot, toys)


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