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Animals sounds



Let's start learning the animals sounds! 

 Animals Vocabulary:



Duck  owl  Cat  bird  Pig  Mouse  Horse

Name: Dog

Sound: Woof


Name: Cow

Sound: Moo


Name: Duck

Sound: Quack


Name: Owl

Sound: To whit to


Name: Cat

Sound: Meaow


Name: Bird

Sound: Tweet


Name: Pig

Sound: Oink


Name: Mouse

Sound: Squeak


Name: Horse

Sound: Neigh

 Sheep  Snake Chicken   frog  Bee donkey  Éléphant   Bear Lion 

Name: Sheep

Sound: Baa


Name: Snake

Sound: Hiss


Name: Chiken

Sound: Cluck


Name: Frog

Sound: Ribbit


Name: Bee

Sound: Buzz


Name: Donkey

Sound: Haw


Name: Elephant

Sound: Pawoo


Name: Bear

Sound: Growls


Name: Lion

Sound: Roar


Think about these questions…

Is there any animal in the song missing in the pictures? What is its name? Wich sound it makes?


Now think a little bit more…

Do you think all the animal sounds are the same? Why? Why not?

 Exercice 1: (Button Below)

Match the animal with it sound  


After to think about the sounds, lets go to know why sounds are different and which are the main characteristics.





                       Grave Sounds                                                                                     

 Grave sounds generally have LOW perceptual intensity


                        Acute Sounds

Acute sounds generally have HIGH perceptual intensity



Exercicie 2: (Button Below)

 Match the animals depending on it sounds. Are acute or grave?


Once you know how to difference between acute and grave sounds.

Lets learn now something about the length of the sounds


Are these animal sounds long or short?

Firstly you should read what is a BEAT: The unit of musical rhythm.

Take a moment, if you do not understand this concept… PAY ATTENTION!


Short Sounds (one beat)  


dog  Duck   

      WOOF                    QUACK

Long Sounds (two beats)  


cow  Éléphant

      MOO                    PAWOO



What have you learnt? Complete the task:

Exercicie 3: (Button Below)

 Match the animals depending on it sounds. Are they long or short?


Reflects about the concept intensity…what do you think it means?


Look and listen the next examples.







It is your turn! Find in youtube one video with a weak and strong sound. Copy the link in a Word document and save it with your name.


We are nearly to finish!!! For this reason makes sure that you can differentiate the sound characteristics!!!


The concepts that you have learnt are: ACUTE, GRAVE, BEAT, SHORT, LONG, STRONG, WEAK and lots of animals’ names and the sounds they make.


AND FINALLY…If you are a curious kid, watch this video and do the experiment to get some animals’ sounds.


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