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2-hour CLIL module. The Solar System

Welcome to the Universe.

In this unit we travel far far away, directly to the Solar System. The Unit has 2 lessons (2 HOURS). You are asked to complete different activities and tasks. 

Pay attention to your teacher, she/he will guide you throughout the unit and will give you instructions on how to perform the activities.



LESSON 1: The Solar System and the planets of the Solar System - I part (1 HOUR)

Activity 1


Firstly, you will watch a short video about the planets of the Solar System.


Then, you will observe a picture that will be on the board where planets appear in order in relation with the Sun. Here, you will repeat after the teacher the name of the planets.

After that, you have to write an acrostic with the first letter of each planet. 


M__________ V___________ E____________ M____________ J_____________ S______________

U____________ N_____________

(E.g. My Very Energetic Mother Just Serve Us Noodles)


Activity 2

To reinforce the contents you will answer this questions analysing the picture of the planets of the Solar System with the following questions:


- How many planets orbit around the Sun?

- Which are the four planets closest to the Sun?

- Which are the four planets furthest to the Sun?



Activity 1

In order to remember last session, the teacher will write in the whiteboard “The Solar System” and the students will say ideas they remember about the topic. With all the ideas, the teacher will review the content studied.

After that, students will watch the following video to review all the unit until now.


Activity 2

In this activity you have to review the name of the planets.

cuMerry:______________                      tpiueJr:_________________

rausUn: ______________                       sVneu:_________________



Activity 3

Now you have to talk about the planets distance from the Sun. They will review the following structures: far from and close to.

* Is Saturn far from or close to the Sun?

* Is Venus further than Mars to the Sun?

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