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Subject: Physical Education

UD numer 6: Basketball

For 4rth ESO students with a medium level

Time: 55'

Material: basketball balls, cones

Aims of the lesson:

Language Aims:



Basketball circuit 15':

  1. start bouncing with your left hand
  2. change of direction and bouncing with your right hand
  3. chest pass to wall and pick up again
  4. make 2 shoots to the basket
  5. zigzag
  6. balance on th bench
  7. zigzag again
  8. tray entry

3 on 3 basketball game 15'

No referee in this game, the students have to say and count their fouls, points, time, fair play…

There is a particularity in these 3 on 3 game: you can pass the ball if you say, in English, the position name  on the court to the player you want to pass in this moment. If you pass and don't say it, change ball to the other team.


Final step, activities 15'

At the end of the session, to back to the calm, we are going to do some activities to improve our English:



We need to adapt all the concepts, habilities, tasks, evaluation, activities… to the each student level.



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