This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

2 Hours Clic Unit . Plants give life

In this unit we are going to dicover a lot of things about plants: what they are, what they need to live, what parts they have and what kind of plants we know.

The Unit has 2 lessons (2 HOURS). You are asked to complete different tasks and activities.

Pay attention to your teacher, he/she will guide you throughout the unit and will give instruccions on how to perform the activities.


Activity 1

Firstly, you will watch a video about living and non-living so as to refresh student's memory about this content.

After that, you write down the main features by repeating the video: "Living things can move, grow, drink, eat, reproduce and breathe. Non-living things don't move, don't grow, don't need food or water, don't reproduce and don't breathe".

Then, you will classify some things presented in an activity sheet in order to decide which ones are living things and which ones are not. The activity will be performance in big group.

In the end, you will correct the activity on the blackboard by writing all the names in two columns.

E.g.: LIVING THINGS                    vs                  NON LIVING-THINGS

              tree                                                               ball

              bird                                                             crayons

               ...                                                                  ...

Activity 2

You will watch a video with a song explaining what the plants needs are.

After watching the video, you have to write an acrostic with the first letter of each need.

1. W ___ ___ ___ ___

2. S ___ ___ ___

3. S ___ ___ ___ ___

4. S ___ ___

5. A ___ ___


Complete the activity by entering in the link below.

To ended up the lesson and so as to reinforce the contents, you will answer these questions by saying true or false:

- Plants are living things. _____

- The sun is not important to plants. ____

- Plants need water to stay alive. ____

- Non-living things need water and food. ____



Activity 1

In order to remember previous lesson, the teacher will write on the blackboard "Plants' needs" and the students will say what they remember about the topic. With all the ideas, the teacher will make a mind map.



 Now, you have to watch the video related to the parts of a plant. Then, make your own drawing of a plant on your notebook and label it with the parts' names.

Activity 2

Refresh the parts of the plant by ordering the letters below.

otRo: ________________                  relFow: _______________                     saveeL: ______________

iuFtr: ________________                  deSes: ________________                    Smet: _____________

Activity 3

 Wacht the video about types of plants. Now it's time to talk to your classmates.

Try to explain oraly the main features and differences of each type of plant.


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