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Postman Pat

Postman Pat

Postman Pat lives in Greendale Village.

It’s home to many friendly people, Look at them!


Mrs Goggins is the village postmistress.

Every morning, she gives Pat sacks of letters and parcels to deliver.

They must need  a lot of stamps!


Amy the vet has come to Greendale farm.

She uses her big, green car to reach animals who need her help.


He is PC Selby, the village policeman.

He’s always ready to help.

The policeman’s house is the yellow one.


Here is Greendale Primary school.

Jeff Pringle is the school headmaster.

Can you see the children having fun in the playground?


Ajay Brains runs the Greendale Rocket steam train.

The Greendale is pulling into the station.

Look at the people waiting on the platform!



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