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Title:Let's learn how to recycle with Peppa Pig and her family!
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Summary:This is a 5-minute Peppa Pig episode on the very basics of recycling intended for non-native learners of English at either Pre-primary or 1st cycle (1st and 2nd grades) of Primary school in order to help and encourage them to learn about and get acquainted with the concept and procedure of recycling in a fun and enjoyable way, while developing their listening skills and working on specific language for greetings and farewells, questions and short answers as well as reclycing- and environment-related vocabulary.
Language notes:Since this Clilstore unit has been conceived and designed for non-native English-learning pupils aged 5 to 8 years old who have had very little contact with the English language, especially in writing, the level of the language used in the unit needs to be very basic, which means that it would correspond the Council of Europe CEF's A1. Additionally, since it's about a CLIL unit and, therefore, both language and content are going to be encompassed and dealt with all through the unit, adequate, meaningful and continuous language scaffolding becomes crucial.
Level:A1 (5)
Word count:943
Media:video ( 4:29)
Created:2016-04-27 19:03:25 UT
Changed:2016-04-30 21:17:16 UT
Licence:Creative Commons BY-SA
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